[Geoff] Dancing Queens

Maribel and I don't look very flattering here, can't work out that damn camera flash yet ?

Maribel and I don’t look very flattering here, can’t work out that damn camera flash yet ?

It’s amazing who you bump into on the dance floor of a Colombian night club… well sort of ?  I wanted to visit Cali to catch up with a work collegue from a few years ago when I worked at Hurstville Private.  It took some effort but we finally got together at my friend Maribel’s very swish Favela Club, an amazing discoteque dance club that would put many overseas venues to shame – this is one IMPRESSIVE entertainment venue.  Luckily we went early so we could have a good chat before the music went into overdrive.  My clubbing days are long long over, but I have to say the young folk in Cali have a world class venue thanks to Maribel and her partners who have excelled themselves on this project. (It belongs in London, New York or Sydney !)

I wish Mardi Gras was this colourful !

I wish Mardi Gras was this colourful !

Unfortunately our time in Cali was limited and we had to continue south the next day, picking up a Canadian ‘hitchhiker’ who wanted to join us on our next leg into Ecuador.  Clive is from Toronto and rides a BMW F650, a model not dissimilar to my F800 back home.  We departed Cali on time and wound our way out of the city, a much easier experience than Bogota a few days earlier… however the EARTH started MOVING !  We were stationary at a set of lights and my bike started rolling up and down,  I thought Gus was nudging my bike from behind and then I looked sideways and everyone and everything was floating up and down, the power poles swaying, we had just experienced our first ever EARTHQUAKE !!!

Despite the overcast day, we had little rain along the way, made a few short stops and decided to call it a day at Pasto, around one hour north of the border.  With two bikes in tow this time, it took us a while to find a hotel, but with the help of some very friendly Colombian Transit Police we found a really nice place with parking for $30 a head. [STOP PRESS] We have just discovered this mornings 6.9 earthquake was centred 6 miles from where we are staying tonight… go figure !

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One thought on “[Geoff] Dancing Queens

  1. hello friend am from peru, I met her at the last dakar that ubo in arequipa peru and went through and you gave me a logo which I put on my bike, thank you very much for this gesture. Atte.
                                            Fredy Ulloa-Arequipa-Peru

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