[Geoff] Going Coastal

It all loks pleseant, but you can't hear the deafening samba MUSIC in this photo !

It all looks pleasent, but you can’t hear the deafening samba MUSIC in this photo !

What was planned as a quiet day by the beach, all turned ‘ferral’ as the four day Carnivale was still in swing wherever we went.  Mompiche Beach was dropped due to crowds so we went further south to Perrinales and it was even more crazier, but somehow we managed a beach front hotel room with parking at the $45 ‘tourista’ price.  The madding crowds, crazy loud samba music had us reeling the next morning further south.  Canoa was supposed to be a nice quiet place, but the crowds had infiltrated there as well, so once again another beachside hotel but at least it was the last day of Carnivale, so by nightfall the place became desserted ?

The guys at the Manta bike shop were VERY obliging !

The guys at the Manta bike shop were VERY obliging !

We still had not found what we were looking for so off we went again next morning via the town of Manta for a desperate oil change which took far longer than expected thanks to lots of bad navigation asking the locals.  We struck pay dirt at the Yamaha bike shop finding the right oil at the right price, then backtracked to a little shop we tried earlier and they helped us do the oil change.  We have a ‘code’ now that the nice guys get our money and despite these guys wanting no money for their service, we insisted and stuffed a $10 note in his pocket for ‘beer money’ – fancy no one wanting to take your money in South America, but it’s happened to us on a few occasions now and we find it refreshing.

Exit Manta and back along the coast and soon we were bitching to each other on navigational issues, bad spelling and lots of finger pointing as to where we were supposed to be going !  Welcome to Puerto Lopez(where we were supposed to go in the first place), mmmm… very quiet here, nice long beach, lots of fishing boats and look, a beachside hotel with welcoming staff plus HOT WATER(Gus is happy) – yeeaahh and $20 a head with breakfast –  COME ON IN !!! We have stayed two days as it is a relaxing chill out place and even the saltwater is warm but still cant get Geoff to come for a swim.But he has just changed his mind and coming swimming now(wait for pic folks!!!)

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