[Gus] Crashed Out

Huanchaco proved to be a small tourist surfing town and we found a small hotel with parking, but I got sick with a touch of food poisoning picked up back in Paita, so no alcohol for me and some rest for a couple of days.  Once recovered we pushed on south through the Pisco wine producing region, famous for it’s Pisco liquor which we have discovered on this trip and very nice indeed…[hic] .  I always wanted to visit Asia and surprisingly this was the name of our next town by the beach but finding some accommodation midweek proved difficult and tempers flared again between Geoff and I until we found a very nice place south of the town.  Not much to see here so we stayed in and ordered Domino’s Pizza – how ‘Australian’.

IMG_1515-1Back on the PanAmerican and we were treated to a sand storm as the wind whipped off the Pacific Ocean blowing the desert beach sand into a frenzy, something I never expected to experience on this trip !  The last coastal town on this strip was Chala and it was bigger than expected and we settled into the Turista Hotel with a seafront room and a good breeze and we had enough time for Geoff to do some shopping and clean and adjust his ever streaching bike chain.  We caught a moto taxi (Tuc Tuc) to the local Chifa Chinese restaurant where I had some soup to tame my suspect guts and Geoff settled on a warm stir fry with frozen prawns and frozen vegetables (?)

Finding a small watermelon to carry on the bike proved rather difficult, the 50c price tag was not an issue.

Finding a small watermelon to carry on the bike proved rather difficult, the 50c price tag was not an issue.

The highway turns in land from Chala across more Peruvian desert so we took the opportunity to head back to the city of Arequipa where we came to visit the Dakar race back in January. On the way we stopped in a small town for a drink and once again the Peruvian hospitality shone through with the store keeper offering us big chunks of melon (for free) if not for our no thanks we have to go, she would have kept us there to eat the whole thing ! This has been one of the more pleasing things about Peru, everyone is so kind and helpful.  Enroute through some tight winding roads, DISASTER struck when I rounded a hairpin bend to end up in a patch of sand deposited on the road from the strong winds, luckily it was a low speed fall and the crash bars did a great job protecting the bike, while my jacket took some grazes on my left arm.  I was probably more mentally scared than any physical damage but I have decided the rest of the trip will be more cruisy than racey and not try to match Geoff’s crazy cornering speeds. The score is now 6 – 5 Geoffs way so I dont want to equal his falls although this one was my worst so far….

The notorius corner. [Google it HERE !]

The notorius corner. [Google it HERE !]

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