[Geoff] Back to the future…

We have been back in Santiago one week now and have nearly finished the process of selling the bikes.  We had a huge response to our listing on the local Chilean motorcycle forum, around 60 emails from prospective buyers.  We cleaned and detailed the bikes and on Sunday held an open day and we attracted 5 groups of people and we accepted the highest offer at close of business.  Fortunately the prospective buyer discovered a problem with our bike titles and so next day we visited the Chilean ‘RTA’ to sort things out….

Twenty or so years ago I penned the phrase “Spend a day at the RTA” – this was pre internet and getting  your car or licence renewed was just a long waiting game and most of you are familiar with that drill.  Fast forward to 2010 and I was gob smacked to find the same system still in use in Nevada when I went to register my motorcycle for the USA trip, I took a number and sat down with the other 300 or so people in an auditorium sized waiting room ?  I waited around 90 minutes and once my number was called at least the transaction tok only 10 minutes.  The Chilean situation is stuck in the 18th Century and they have a one stop shop that deals in all matters Givernment and legal, register the car, pickup a marriage or birth certificate, title transfers not to mention some strange certificates for insurance, you get the drift.  The place is full of taxpayers wasting hours and hours of productive human time which could be spent better elsewhere and amongst all this chaos they have one single counter manned by one single guy doing the motor vehicle stuff… yes one (WTF) !!

Always keep games on hand to occupy the kiddies...

Always keep games on hand to occupy the kiddies…

We returned again the next day after being told as tourists we are not able to have titles to anything, mmmm…. fortunately our bike buyer is very savvy and got a friend to pull our files to discover our Chilean tax ID was not given when the bikes were registered by the dealer.  With new ammunition and our words carefully chosen for the show down, we were pleasantly surprised to finally get to the counter to find it had been sorted, the file notes had been re-read, copies of RUT cards taken from the day before had been assinged and common sense prevailed – we were now ‘legal’ with 6 days to go before we leave !!!

So if ever you have to go to the Motor Registry ever again, just thank your lucky stars how the internet has helped all this Government Bureacracy streamline and keep the hordes of taxpayers away from the queues you are now standing in !

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