[Geoff] Where did that 5 months go ?

A dining 'experience' never to be forgotten !

A dining ‘experience’ never to be forgotten !

We sorted out the issue with the bikes titles with Paulo the new owner, at the Registro Civil office we had ‘camped’ at the last 2 days.  The officer explained the situation and said there would be no issues and the transfer of ownership could then take place.  We rode the bikes to Paulo’s apartment block and then a trip to his bank (with shock horror no queues) and the transaction was completed.  Paulo’s dad owns a Kawasaki KLR650 and he happened to be in Santiago at the time of the inspection and gave the thumbs up.  Our 2 bikes will now be part of one big happy KLR family and Paulo and his brother will now be in tow behind their dad, great times ahead for you guys !

We sold the bikes with a lot of our accessories so we had a bit less to pack and bring home. HOME – OMG what a scary thought that was ?  After a week’s break in Santiago I could set off again and with so much to see in this continent, I could easily occupy another 6 months here.

We spent the last 2 days in Santiago walking the now familiar streets and looking for a few more small gifts to take home to friends.  On Saturday night we treated ourselves to a seafood theme restaurant near our hostel.  Ocean Pacifico’s is more a nautical museum than a restaurant, this kooky joint is complete with waiters dressed in sailors uniforms and a long bearded sea-captain resplendid in a full dress naval uniform, complete with pipe and trimmings.  The food was pretty average and my TripAdvisor review gave it high marks just for the amazing atmosphere which we understood took the owners 25 years to collect !

It may of been my last Pisco Sour..... in Chile.

It may of been my last Pisco Sour….. (in Chile).

By Sunday we had completed packing and Gus donated most of his clothes to one of the hostel workers along with all our left over camping food which we could not take home.  On Monday our airport transfer was even early and we were deposited at Santiago Airport with plenty of time to spare.  There was a Qantas 747 at the gateway and we even managed to score our favourite seats once again up the back of the plane.

I was introduced to a South American cocktail called Pisco Sour on this trip, and grew very fond of them, so it was a surprise to find a bar in the gate lounge with a very appropriate name… so with a few Chilean Pesos left we indulged one last time.  (Well sort of… there are 2 bottles of Pisco liquor stashed in my luggage !)

I really enjoyed this trip, South America is such an interesting continent and despite our poor Spanish skills we still navigated and traversed some unbelievable terrain with gorgeous scenery we never anticipated.  The Andes mountains are truly spectacular and on a motorcycle with uninterrupted 360′ views, they are even more impressive.  This was my first motorcycle adventure with a travelling partner and it was even more special to have Gus along – his first ever overseas trip, and to a non-English speaking continent and riding on the opposite side of the road and on motorcycles.  I cannot say how proud I was to have him beside me, knowing what effort he put in to getting here.  In saying that I think we would both have to carefully rethink if we would do it again.  Living 24/7/5 was difficult and testing on our relationship and there will be many good times to be spent reminiscing about all the great places and experiences we enjoyed together.

'Adios Amigos'

‘Adios Amigos’

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One thought on “[Geoff] Where did that 5 months go ?

  1. charles ralfe

    Hi guys,where are you now???

    Charlie one of the 3 oz guys you met on my birthday

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