I’ve always wanted to do a motorcycle adventure, so at 50 I decided it’s time before I get too old and unable to physically ride a motorcycle.  It would of been better at 30 or even 40 years of age, but then you don’t always have the time or the money.  Once you hit the road it doesn’t take long to realise why the hell I did not do it earlier !

So with some alignment in my life and with a vision helped by some good friends back in Australia I got my act together and started planning for a one year trip away to North America, with a goal of seeing Alaska, Canada and as much of the USA as possible.

BridgeClimb - Sydney Harbour

A big thank you to all my friends and family and especially to my friends in North Carolina and to all the ‘inmates’ on ADVrider.com who provided so much information and assistance to get me on the road.


2011 – well now I can add my partner Gus to this blog, with a lot of poking and proding I have finally convinced him to tag along on the next leg in South America in 2012.  Gus just turned 50 this year and has never left Australia once ! (he just loves the place too much).  So a much bigger adventure for him and a lot of educating to be done to ally his fears of travelling the big wide world.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Olyflyer AKA Damon

    Hey mate good to see you’ve hit the road

    might see you on theroad as I hit the US on the 18th Aug in San Fran buy a bike head to Burning man then ride around for a few years towards Sth America very slowly

    Shiny side up Mate!!


  2. Kelly Allen


    I can’t help notice youve just begun your journey’s If or when you find yourself in N Dakota, and humming and hawing about heading north to Winnipeg Canada, look me up. I’d be happy to show you what Manitoba has to offer. If you come up in July I’d even let you crash in my cottage at Albert beach. My family is using it in August.

    I know you have a year so the offer is there. Looking forward to your continued updates in your blog.

    Fellow motorcycle entusiast

    Kelly Allen

  3. Wow so the South American planning has begun – great stuff and I look forward to following you on the trip 🙂 ….keep updating the blog


  4. Geoff and Gus, we will be plus or minus around at the same time so looking forward to crossing paths if we can, cheers lads, Andi & Ellen (8 Weeks till we escape!!!)

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